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Drunken Walks through Bursting Vines

"Ad perpetuam memoriam in vino veritas!"

Staggering through the California Vineyards
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A divine opus of titillating splendor, you've stumbled upon the online journal of VICE, the Vicious Circle of (Wine) Enthusiasts. We are a collective and a cult, if you will, of very discriminating drunkards who enjoy the pleasures of the grape more than most might admit to. While none of us are by any means experts in the field, we all have a fair hand at tossing 'em back and making up some brilliant and foolhardy notations regarding the quality (or lack thereof) of our sampled juices. Some might enjoy our travelogues; some might be offended by them. Regardless, we invite you to read along and comment copiously either in affirmation or protest, but we hold it to be true that surely we can agree on a simple fact: we've all been put on this earth to enjoy the tastes and aromas of the divine bacchanals ad libitum!

About us: We're just like you, only more intoxicated, even now! One day, a group of dear friends from the Bay Area in Northern California decided to get together on a semi-regular basis and drink and think and drink some more. We sometimes couple this with self-indulgent banter, fine and delectable fare, and intermittent trips through the NorCal viticultural hotspots. One of us is a wine merchant by trade. More than one of us are splendid cooks. The rest of us take advantage of these aforementioned people. We're discriminating, but not snobbish. We appreciate each other's taste and are always on the lookout for new flavors and new experiences. We're young, handsome, and stylish – but only when filtered through the burgundy haze swirling around our gingerly-held glasses. The rest of the time, we're just wine dorks. Membership is easy!

About Grapes_Traipse: Too many hand-scrawled tasting notes got eaten by Orwell, the Scottish Terrier. Too many carefully-maintained wine databases lost to the less-than-stable Palm OS. And all our pictures were just sitting in lonely hard drives, unviewed and unloved by people who really care about these things. This journal is a memory collective and a log of our tastes and travels, to remind us of the good times in life after we're old and infirm, not too many years from now. We invite you to come along, even if only in a virtual sense.

Interested in joining? Please be aware that this forum was created for three types of posts, in order to keep it on a manageable track:
1) Posts about California's wine areas, exclusively, from members of the small community of friends smugly known as VICE.
2) Posts about California's wine areas, exclusively, from other members who we have not yet met. These will be moderated posts until we get to know you and your bad habits.
3) Posts about areas outside of California by members of VICE. Road Trip!

Please keep to these points and no one will get hurt!